High-quality studies require proven, flexible services that support the entire research lifecycle


CLINWATCH team is prepared to provide full-service support throughout all phases of conducting research studies. CLINWATCH expertise includes Focus group discussions, Individual in depth interviews, Survey research, Historical research, Observational research, Ethnographic research, Experimental Methods and Case studies. Services include:

Pre-field work logistics

CLINWATCH has capacity to offer necessary technical advice and work closely with clients in study design. We develop work plans for research projects that are consulted to undertake. work plans outline logistics, data collection, data analysis report writing and dissemination plans. CLINWATCH facilitates process of seeking approvals/permits to conduct research. In close consultation with clients, CLINWATCH provides valuable input in design of instruments to be used in collecting relevant data for research projects. We formulate a list of indicators based on objectives of research and works closely with clients in developing instruments. CLINWATCH suggest question and answer formats that elicit required responses and promote low rate of data entry errors. y also ensure that forms have appropriate header data (such as questionnaire ID, Participant ID) and sufficient linkage between questionnaires if analysis between data on separate forms is planned. Upon completion of development of questionnaires, CLINWATCH also reviews instruments to ascertain that questions address all research objectives. We translate and Pre-test instrument using trained enumerators on data collection using instrument. To ensure data quality CLINWATCH offers training/pre-briefing of interviewers. CLINWATCH also offers technical support in preparation of analysis plans.

Data Collection/field work

CLINWATCH advises clients on appropriate data collection methodologies to work closely with clients and offers necessary technical support in terms of planning for data collection and executing data collection. It further facilitates data collection from field using finalized instruments and agreed methodology.To ensure data quality CLINWATCH ensures field accompaniment of research assistants, spot checks by field supervisors’ validation of work by CLINWATCH Quality Control and 100% editing of questionnaires.

Data Management

CLINWATCH has expertise of providing technical data management tasks for research studies. capabilities in data management include writing data management plans for clients, preparation and testing of data entry programs that are used to enter, validate and track data recorded on questionnaires and definition of data quality checks. CLINWATCH also performs coding and data entry tasks for clients.

Data analysis

CLINWATCH offers data analysis services as required by clients. We have capacity to carry out interim and final analysis using various relevant computer software’s. Data are tabulated and can be produced in all standard formats.

Report writing

CLINWATCH also offers services in report preparation using research findings. It also has capacity to collaborate with clients on publications.

Documentation and Dissemination of findings

CLINWATCH also offers consultancy services in documenting entire research process and organizing dissemination workshops for presentation of research findings on behalf of its clients. CLINWATCH Provides copies of final report in hard copies and on soft copies to client.

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