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CLINWATCHCRO ENTERPRISES LTD (CLINWATCH) is an African niche full-service contract research organization specializing in clinical research administrartion for vaccines, drugs and devices in Sub-Sahara Africa region. We apply our clinical research expertise to help clients reach their goals for improved human health in all aspects of clinical research, laboratory services, applied research services and training.

CLINWATCH was dully registered in Kenya as a limited company on the 30th November 2020 and in Zambia on the 23rd February 2021. The head office is located on 14th avenue, Mage road, off Magadi road. P.O.Box 1258 - 00511 - Ongata Rongai, Nairobi Metropolis.

CLINWATCH offers consultancy services to clients who seek to apply or test theory and evaluate its usefulness in solving problems, clients who are interested in conducting research with the primary intention of solving specific, immediate and concrete problem in local setting and clients interested in conducting research to facilitate decision making.

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CLINWATCH provides clinical research services to pharmaceutical companies, research organizations or other agencies and institutions requiring project management, regulatory management site management/monitoring assistance and laboratory services. We apply our clinical research expertise to help clients reach their goals for improved human health in all aspects. CLINWATCH further provides services in design and implementation of quantitative and qualitative applied research, action and evaluation socio-economic and health research activities. Additionally, we provide technical assistance to clients through conducting training and capacity building in Good Clinical Practices (GCP), GCLP and Research Ethics (RE)

Clinical research services

Our main objective is to reduce cost for companies developing new medicines, vaccines, medical devices and drugs in niche markets. We aim to simplify entry into drug markets, and simplify development

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Applied research services

CLINWATCH team is prepared to provide full-service support throughout all phases of conducting research studies.

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Laboratory services

Our team of skilled and experienced GCLP and laboratory Quality specialists have had exemplary bench-work and training experience in most commonly used diagnostic systems within the ministries of health.

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Training services

CLINWATCH is also thrilled to work with your organization to bring professional development and capacity building programming to your team.

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