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Third Party Laboratory GCLP/ISO 15189 Quality Audits

All laboratory operations must be in strict compliance and adherence to national, international and/or local standards

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Laboratory Technical Bench Trainings and Capacity Building.

Our team of skilled and experienced GCLP and laboratory Quality specialists have had exemplary bench-work and training experience

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Laboratory Test Method Evaluations.

Test method evaluations are mandatory requirements for all clinical and diagnostic laboratories (ISO15189:2015 and GCLP)

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Laboratory Set-ups.

Laboratory set-up is normally a very complicated process combining both physical architectural designs to considerations of the anticipated diagnostic capacity.

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Laboratory Continuous Quality Improvements

Quality patient care is dependent on laboratory quality as 60-70% of all clinical decisions are based on laboratory results.

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ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation Support

Quoted from KENAS-Kenya Accreditation Service: Medical laboratory accreditation is a means of determining the technical competence

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