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Laboratory Set-ups:

Laboratory set-up is normally a very complicated process combining both physical architectural designs to considerations of the anticipated diagnostic capacity. At the tail-end of the laboratory set-up is the robust quality management systems processes that will fuel its daily operations. The laboratory scientists, technicians and technologists, maintenance team and administrators that will manage and use the laboratory are integral to not only planning what is needed and wanted, but also why. We have come up with a solution to laboratory set-up challenges faced by facilities and even new clinical trials groups wishing to establish independent laboratories. Through our team of highly experienced and hands-on GCLP and laboratory Quality specialists, we now provide laboratory set-up and advisory services which include but not limited to laboratory location choices and application, laboratory compliance start-up procedures, laboratory leadership, training and employee management, selecting a test menu and room requirements, instrumentation and LIMS, biological material use and laboratory safety management, chemical use, radiation/radioactive material use, laser use, productivity reports, basic laboratory tools, revenue cycle management, billing and coding. Please contact our customer service for further details on these services.

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