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Laboratory Continuous Quality Improvements:

Quality patient care is dependent on laboratory quality as 60-70% of all clinical decisions are based on laboratory results. We are also aware that different laboratories are at different levels of quality hence the necessity to always strive to improve. Section 493.1200 (b) of the CLIA regulations states, “each laboratory’s quality system must include an assessment component that ensures continuous improvement of the laboratory’s performance and services through ongoing monitoring that identifies, evaluates and resolves problems (USDHHS, 2003). We have developed an integrated PDCA and CAPA based system of progress monitoring of specific key quality indicators to implement a cost-effective quality improvement program in clinical and diagnostic laboratories. This leads to a remarkable increase in the overall operational efficiency and is uniquely designed to suit different facility needs. Continuous quality improvement is more about having competent staff, streamlined processes, good communication, and constant evaluation. Please contact our customer service for further details on these services.

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