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The urgent need for a COVID-19 National Imunization Plan.

Prizera and Moderna have announced the development of a COVID vaccine with 95% efficacy. Hope it is allowed to control the pandemic, resume a normal social life and revive our economies. It is therfore necessarry and urgent now for our contries with limited means to prepare and anticipate how to manage Covid vaccination in an approach of equity and equality. We'll have to think about:

  • Priority populations to be vaccinated first: identify and count
  • Logistics needed - national distribution plan
  • Human, material, financial resources
  • Potential COVID Vaccination Sites
  • Comunication strategy for education and public awareness on the importance and need to be vaccinated with translation into all national languages
  • Involve around the Ministry of health all other support sectors: corporate medicine, schools, university, the Army Health Services, private medicine, etc
  • Let's move quickly and now to be operational and not waste time when the vaccine is available to everyone